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(Ancestral Weapon)

A Shield embossed with the emblems of Brothellad & Barasea it was forged from steel and braced with felsul (wood), and is known to be exceptionally well crafted, though by unknown hands.

FaithKeeper was used during The First Encounter in the enslavement of what are still called Divergent Humanoids (Reptilians, Dragonborn, Fauns, Satyrs, etc.) in the years after the collision. 

Procured from an armoury in Healey by Rhask Ripclaw of Blackfin Mire, It was consecrated by him to the service of The Harrow of Brothellad. During that trial, Faithkeeper was embued with an Ancestral Personality and Traits: 

Death Ward: Giving the bearer an advantage on death saving throws

Gripped: The bearer cannot be made to drop this weapon against their will.  

Longing: When left alone, after an hour the shield will emit a low hum until it is reunited with its owner. 

Sinister: Witnessing the downfall of others fills the bearer with a sensation of happiness.


Lord's Militia, The

A group of citizens, loyal to the Throne of HiPool, or more specifically, Lord Egos DayRage. Officially, the Throne of HiPool denies any association with the self-named band of vigilantes and mercenaries.
"a band of thugs the Lord of HiPool would use whenever he sought Social Justice, or more accurately, death without trial. Though Lord Dayrage denied any direct association with the Militia, he often praised them for their “loyalty to the Throne,” particularly after a convenient lynching or house burning."
- EoBD: Predators & Prey

The Perdrix

The Perdrix

The Perdrix, named after the highly poisonous freshwater vipers common to the region, is a cargo and smuggling Schooner that operates in the Opal Sea. She is captained by a human named Tahi and carries a complement of sixty crew and twelve cannons. Four Swivel Cannons on the main deck, two bow cannons on the gun deck, two 'Stern Chasers' in the back and the last four paired on either side of the gun deck, giving the ship nearly three hundred and sixty degrees of range.


Seasonal Champion, The

Each season (roughly two months) the GuildMaster of Bacot selects their three or four most accomplished fighters. These competitors then battle to the death in the fighting Pits, a series of caverns and caves beneath the city. These fights are observed via arcane means in a grand arena. There is a great deal of gambling that occurs at these events and kings and Queens or their representatives often attend them, as Bacan Gladiators are known for their strategy and leadership qualities and are often sought out as Generals. 

The survivor of this challenge is crowned as that season's champion and is promoted and granted the right to live in the City of Bacot, above ground. They are honoured with an Arming Ceremony where they are gifted a weapon, often one handed down by an ancestor. At the ceremony, the Champion is expected to display certain qualities such as a show of might, a show of restraint, and a show of honour, the last being to offer his fallen competitors as the entree at a feast in their honour. 

Graduates of the Fighting Pits become working members of Bacan society, they are given apprenticeships, and make up for its military. There is no poverty in Baycot as all are expected to work, and are paid fairly so that all have time and funds to enjoy with family and friends. Those unwilling to work to their means, or pay fairly for fair labour, are tried by The Council of Three and, if convicted, will be stripped of any rank or title and returned to the fighting pits for no less than a year. This is considered a great dishonour and few who are returned to The Pits survive them a second time.



The Star at the centre of this system goes by many names, depending on your origin and location. 

The Dwarves of Khazaram call him Phoal, the Solar Stallion. 

In the Mad Province and southern Eventide, he is known as Tephes, The Great Father, with the moons, Brothellad and Sandum, making up his children. 

The Plasmoids of the Sintara Caratoid Zone have designated it Utax-c131.


The Opal Sea

The Aethereal Port of Tyne


Porthica Vale



  • The Over City
  • The Under City

The Midnight Oath

The Grand Mage Thesaro

The Bastion of Thesaro

The Harrow