Bella Donna

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Black dreadlocks cascading down her right shoulder, like vines. Her complexion is a rich earthen tone, like fresh peat with eyes like sapphires, rosy cheeks and opalescent freckles. About her neck are 21 beaded necklaces, one for each year of her life. The first tight and high around her throat and each getting slightly larger until the bottom most hung loosely about her collar and bustline, with the combined effect of holding her head high and poised. She is topless, her nipples pierced with small bones like those from a bird, and her breasts highlighted with ashen finger paint that descended her muscular abdomen like the whale's bone of a bustier. A woven sarong of hemp and moss is tied about her hips and as she walks a long bare leg is revealed to also be decorated with ashen lines down the thigh and shin ending in bare feet.





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