Legend 1 Hex = 60 Miles


*This document is unfinished and is updated through gameplay, it may change without notice.


Known as The Realm of Eternal Reward, Brothellad is a moon-sized Planetoid that orbits the Barasea, and whose economy is entirely based on tourism from throughout the Realms. 

Brothellad has three lay lines which intersect in an Ocean called The Harrow Corridor. That point of intersecting lines is known as The Harrow convergence and it is orbitaly locked to Barasea's Equatorial ley line. 


Mayheath (39x57)

Mayheath is the Capital City of Brothellad. It is built on an escarpment that overlooks Blood Lake and the Red Sea. 


The Aethereal Port of Tyne (29x61)

An Eighty Story Tower carved from a single piece of white marble stood atop a hill overlooking the Sea of Lusa. The domed roof is covered with red tiles that glitter like rubies in the sunlight and It is surrounded by a staircase that winds about its outside, which from a distance, makes the building appear as though it is a red pin screwed into the ground. The tower serves as a Nexus point for other Realms. Each floor contains 28 Portals about its outer wall, One for each of the eight major cities of Brothellad, (below) as well as 10 inbound and 10 outbound portals to other Realms throughout the Multiverse. About the Inner core of the tower are chintzy souvenir shops, Currency exchange kiosks, and transportation merchants (for those who prefer a mount.

The City of Tyne rests about the base of the tower in two tiers and gradually slopes down as you move away from the tower. The Inner City or Tifeard Market consists of a Steam-Train station in the North that has routes to the eight major cities. The southern part of the district consists mostly of overpriced tourist traps, merchants, peddlers, and taverns.

The Outer City, also known as Tyneborough, is nearly 100 feet lower, beneath the train tracks, and slopes down From The Rogue's Farthing, through the Mounts District, around the Inner City between the Market Square and Hart's Quarter (the residential district) to the Dockyards.