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Xuvats is an explorer and researcher from the planet of Thoth MM9 in the Syntaria Carratoid ZXuvats, of Thoth M-99 one of the Nebulon Tornia System. Nebulon Tornia is a binary star system, Nebulon being a Red Giant in late mass transfer to the Blue Giant, Torina. Of the 200 satellites that orbit the binary system of Nebulon Tornia, 

Thoth M-99 is one of 84 satellites with temporal orbits and one of only 8 that have dual temporal orbits. As a result, Thoth M-99  passes through does not have seasons, it has Tense: Past Tense, Present Tense, and Future Tense.

Though Xuvats has lived thousands of years, in this life they are very much an infant learning their place in this world.





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