Barasea, A realm under seige


 1hex = 60 miles



 *This document is incomplete and is updated through gameplay,  it may change without notice.

Barasea Is a land at war with dark forces. The lands here have been scorched and many still burn since the Demon Queen brought the Dragons to Barasea 754 years ago. This is indicated in the calendar by the designation DoS, or Desolation of SheeshBara, who scorched a swath through Aren from Caer Thuna on the Eastern shores of Aren through Lycell Tower, on the eastern shores of Eventide. Destroying Pruthy and its Navy who had been sent to Salmayar as reinforcements. Over time the waters of Amcier were renamed The Sea of Souls in their honor.

The Mad Province

Formerly The Province of Aren and a beacon of Arcane knowledge throughout the system, it is now an active battlefield against the forces of evil. The Demon Queen is attempting to annex the entire continent and the survivors of the initial Assaults continue to fight her back.

Bordered on the east by The Sea of Souls and beyond it The Branded Shore

Bordered to the south by the Sea of Pheana and the southern pole

Bordered on the East by The Eventide Shore, the only point where the continent connects to the rest of Barasea. The Fathomless Sea to the south of the crossing and the Sapphire Sea borders the entire northeastern coast.

Salmyar, the Jewel of Aren (57x33), the Capital City of Aren



The Branded Shore

After the fall of Aren the corruption spread out across the sea and scorching 



The major continent of Barasea, connected to Aren by a narrow corridor of land Known as the Dreaming Forest.

Twin Cities Catun & Tatun, share rulership over the Eventide Shore. Tatun regulating the actions of the predominantly human & elven regions, while Catun rules the south and the Fey regions 


Bacot, The City of Omens

Located between the foot Kinba Din Mountains and the Opal Sea, and it sits at the intersection of two arcane ley lines, The Equatorial Line and the Alkinthorp line. As a result, many of the Realm's most respected Oracles have come from Bad Omen, as the city is locally known, and the city itself serves as an early warning outpost against the dragon that resides in the mountains. 

Bacot is a cannibalistic society governed by a council of three Oracles and its justice system (and entertainment) is based on Pit Fighting. Those convicted of breaking the law are sent to fight in the pits; those who survive, make up its military; those who do not, make up its food stores.